TikTok for Businesses: How to use Tik Tok in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Tik Tok was born in 2016 and in less than 3 years it has already achieved more than 800 million active users worldwide. To give you an idea, Instagram took more than 6 hours to reach similar data and Facebook 4. It is one of the apps that have been downloaded the most in the last year: more than 2 billion to be specific. The highest peak of downloads occurred in March 2020, a month that curiously coincides with the confinement due to covid-19. That was when Spanish adults began to join the application and its growth has been exponential.

What is Tik Tok and what is it for

What is Tik Tok and what is it for. The social network is based on recording, editing and sharing short videos (15 to 60 seconds) to which you can add musical backgrounds, personalized audio and filters or visual effects. Recently the app has increased the video time to 3 minutes, testing to see if its audience likes it or not. The company itself says that its mission is for all its creators to be creative and express themselves naturally , sharing their knowledge and passions directly from their mobile phone. They want users to feel comfortable being top people data themselves and there is freedom of expression and simplicity when creating content. Tik Tok has a lot to do with Musical.ly, a music video app that ByteDance bought to merge with its new project.

The content of your videos

The content of your videos. Based on the above, determine the type of content that best matches your brand identity. You must take into account aspects IG Users such as: The level of exposure. How much you will expose yourself and/or your team. Maybe you prefer not to appear so much in the videos and use models or influencers in your content. Types of video. Funny videos that include dances, parodies… or more professional ones.