The upper third in the university , on the other hand, is important in many ways, as some jobs will ask you to be in this group as an application requirement. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to participate in activities as a student authority , representing the community of students at your university. What is the upper third and fifth in the university ? Unlike the third, the upper fifth refers to the 1/5 of the section or grade that has the best qualifications of the group or order of merit.

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On the other hand, today many companies look for professionals who belong to the upper third and fifth ; According to them, they are looking for more qualifi and competitive personnel. Therefore, it is important to always strive business lead to have high grades and be able to be within this group that will give you many benefits for your life. Discover these expressions that will help you have a more compassionate life and motivate you on those difficult days. self-esteem Self -esteem is the assessment that each person has of themselves.

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These can be physical characteristics, attributes, values, qualities and goals that comprise each one. However, as social beings, we are influenc by comments, opinions or situations in IG Users which others are involv; Therefore, sometimes we compare ourselves, or measure ourselves with others and adopt a different position on ourselves. When we believe that we are very good at something, there are comments—malicious or not—that make us think otherwise. “You are not pretty/handsome enough”, “you are not that good”, “you will surely fail at this”, etc. For clinical psychologist Diana Ruiz J.