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Undergraduate Postgraduate courses Find out  courses there are in Brazil! What are free courses? Open courses are a study option that does not require a minimum education . They can be generalist or subject specific, but focus on developing specific skills. The objective of this type of training is to contribute with immediate knowledge about a certain subject, which can be something more technical or improvement of a hobby. A point of attention about the category is that open courses are not recognized by the
EC as training, but as free learning . That is, unlike an undergraduate or graduate degree, they do not generate a diploma or certificate attesting to their learning. See the main features of the free courses below.

Thematic There are free courses

On everything. You will find classes on handicrafts, craft beer production, cutting and sewing, mechanics, confectionery, photography, makeup and beauty , languages, health areas, animal training workshops and an endless list of learning New Zealand Phone Number Data  Postgraduate courses Find out opportunities. These courses may or may not be related to a profession. Many people take free courses, for example, just to improve themselves in something they like and not necessarily to work in the area. 2. For whom they are indicated Open courses are great options for those who still don’t have work experience, for professionals looking to update their knowledge and for those who want to change careers or get to know themselves better. It is also suitable for retirees, housewives, teenagers, pregnant women, new parents.

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Courses is compatible with very varied profiles. 3. Duration Each free course can have a different duration. What determines this are the topics covered, proposed content, time limit determined by the educational institution, number of students present and methodologies, if there will be any dynamics or if the exchange of information happens in a more passive way, applied activities, among EC Lists other reasons. . It is possible to find free courses lasting a few hours or many months, it will depend on your choice and availability at the time. 4. More flexible format A big advantage of free courses is flexibility. You can plan yourself to the point of studying more than one subject at the same time. In cases where the course is online , you can define the best time to dedicate yourself to learning.

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