And even small entrepreneurs can work with Digital Marketing strategies : The Importance of Digital Marketing According to the TIC Households 2020 survey, approximately 81% of Brazilians ag 10 or over already have access to the Internet. It is a gigantic universe that brings numerous advantages, such as lower prices, greater reach, segmentation and measurement of results. In fact, I’ve already heard Guilherme summing it all up well: “ Digital Marketing is very democratic.

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It allows different actions to be carri out, for different pockets and contexts. From the self-employ to the multinational, everyone has space on the Internet .” Guilherme de Bortoli CEO – Organic Digital Unlike advertising on TV or in magazines (which are expensive), advertising on the Internet is much cheaper and literally any company — small, mium or large — is capable of creating a personaliz strategy, even with a low Meaning of budget. In fact, here at Orgânica, we have success stories from companies in various new database segments. It’s worth taking a look for inspiration! Tip: Discover our success stories Another point that I consider quite advantageous is the incrible ability to segment the audience .

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Do you have little money to invest? No problem. On the Internet, you can use it more efficiently, as you can choose the characteristics of who will see your ads, for example. Oh, not to mention that, with real-time metrics , it is easy Meaning ofto measure results and know if your investment really had a return. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses If your company is still small, you can start by registering your address and other information  IG Users about it on Google My Business . Starting a blog and generating content on social mia can also help you get found by more people.