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How should I manage my presence on Google plus? Thinking about the best way to answer this question, in this guest post I thought it would be interesting to have the collaboration of my friend, and part of my team,  a user featured by G+ in their help forums in Spanish. I hope you enjoy this “updated” super guide that we prepared and updated with all the new content that has been emerging in recent months for all of you. Super Guide to Manage Your Business’s Presence on Google Plus How and why should your business

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It is possible that you top people data are not clear about how to carry out your strategy in G+, nor that you know all its options for companies. Well, don’t worry, I’ll try to answer all of that here.  First of all , stay away from the absurd clichés used by the detractors of Google Plus that you have surely already read or heard from many people… like the ghost town, for example.  Secondly , think carefully about who is behind all this. Neither more nor less than Google, the same brand that owns a search engine that more than 98% of people

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That same Internet giant is  the one that also has the entire world mapped and that allows your business to appear located on an online map IG Users through the leading global geolocation system. We could continue listing services for which the search engine must be the main ally for your brand, and of course Google Plus also comes in, now you will see why. What is Google Plus and what benefits does it offer my business? Google plus Thinking about the best way to answer this question,

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