Manage all your social messages in one place and assign them to different teams with inbox with hootsuite inbox. You can bridge the gap between social media engagement and customer service like never before   and manage all of your social media messages in one place. This includes. Private messages and dms public messages and posts on your profiles dark and organic comments mentions emoji reactions … and more. The all-in-one workspace makes it easy to. Track the history of any individual’s interactions with your brand on social media across your accounts and platforms. Giving your team the context need to personalize replies add notes to customers’ profiles inbox integrates with salesforce and microsoft dynamics handle messages as a team with intuitive message queues.

Filters Track Response Times and Cast Metrics Plus

Task assignments. Statuses. And filters track response times and csat metrics plus. Inbox comes with handy automation that will save you tons of time. Automate message routing auto-responses and save replies for frequently asked questions automatically triggered customer satisfaction surveys at the ai-powered chatbot features. 

Identify conversations that require b2b email list a service response with streams not all customer complaints or questions or compliments. If we’re being optimistic. Are necessarily directe right at you. Sometimes. People air their grievances for the world to see without expecting anyone at the company to notice or care. But with social listening. You can set up ongoing searches for keywords and mentions.

Hootsuite’s Keyword Streams

So you never miss a chance to make things right. With hootsuite’s keyword streams. It’s easy to set up multiple search terms across a variety of social media platforms. Maybe you’ll search for your untagge business name or nicknames that people have for your company for instance. Mcd’s instead of mcdonald’s or common misspellings of your products or brands la croy instead of lacroix. 

Results will be compile in IG Users one easy-to-read place in your inbox. Where you can respond directly or assign to another team member to handle. Store and share reusable support content with content library use the hootsuite content library to store. Organize. And share pre-approve social customer care content.