Before taking any action or launching into any task. It is worth knowing the two keys to the interaction: (i) the content and (ii) the understanding of the interlocutor. None of the ideas we propose in this publication will bring results if you do not have these two essential inputs. Raising the quality of the content is the first thing to do if you want to improve engagement on social networks. If it is not constantly improv. It will be very difficult to retain the attention and interest of the community. For its part. The understanding of the interlocutor has to do with the knowlge of the audience. And that is a critical piece of the process.

Knowing your audience means understanding

Because it is not possible to build a reaction or conversation business email list with someone who is not interest in the topics propos by the business on social networks. Knowing your audience means understanding their motivations. Interests and characteristics. Also. Recognize the appropriate moments and scenarios to address it. In conclusion. Interaction only thrives when you know your audience. Inside and outside the digital world. And when you create outstanding content. Now. If we add to this a team of managers with a good humor and identifi with the audience and a series of wellthoughtout actions.

What should those actions be to

We obtain a highly involv community. What should those actions be to achieve the objective of improving engagement on social networks. Below. We share eleven great ideas: 1. Commit to community care to obtain interaction you must interact. The elementary way to increase audience involvement is to behave like a social being and engage with the community’s attention. Social mia users want organizations to listen to them. Take the time to read their comments.