Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, group discussion. Drafting text or emails, our personal and professional lives are a serpent having to converse many times a day. And in every why is conversation, be it verbal or non-verbal. The purpose is for the sender to send the message to the receiver successfully. If not done right, there can be misunderstandings. And the message can be deemed useless.

Applying the in communication

Helps in making the message more comprehensible. Leaving no room for error or misapprehension. So, to build a strong relationship with people in your personal or professional life. You must always see to it that the message is drafted with the 7cs in mind. End must be clear and to the point. For instance company data let’s say you reply to an email about a particular project. Only mention what the person has asked in the email. If you need to add points other than the particular project. Compose a new email with a new and appropriate subject.

Why is Due to communication

And misinterpretations, misunderstandings happen between families, friends, colleagues, and lovers. Adding in what is supposed to be “do” makes it “don’t“, which can change the message’s entire meaning. So, we need to apply the 7cs of communication in our conversations and texts, even in IG Users our personal lives. When your message is clear, correct and complete, the receiver will be able to comprehend it fully without having to come back to you asking for clarification. This will save both of you time and energy.

As long as you follow the of communication or even just 6cs in your message, the likelihood of your message being misinterpreted becomes less.