Customer Service in the Spanish Market 2015 , prepared by Altitude. How could we make Facebook a more relevant channel to answer questions related to our organization or our brand? María proposes four ideas: improve response time, use a specific customer service app. Humanize the service by putting a face and signature to the responses offered by. The company’s professionals, and establish agile and effective service protocols. Customers want their suppliers to serve them online, but they also want them to do so using their favorite applications.

To make it easy for them

This is the case of bbvaresponde. Which already uses WhatsApp normally, also spreading the service on Twitter and. The rest of the networks where it has a presence. In this article I mention organizations that are doing. Well from my point of view and none of them have paid me to appear in this company data article. A real shame. Customer service via WhatsApp: Professionals. Many town councils also already use applications such as. WhatsApp or Line, as Victor Almoravid ( @nuevadmon ) explains in a well-documented article about the use of WhatsApp by public administrations . As Víctor specifies, WhatsApp is an American application that is governed by the data protection regulations of the State of California, much more lax than the European one.

But it has a huge advantage:

It works. And therefore we must take it into account and adapt it to our regulatory and security context. Although perhaps we should assume that it is impossible to fully guarantee the security of data, privacy, intimacy, and other constitutionally consolidated goods and rights. If you want to protect IG Users certain data, you only have one way: do not show it, neither on WhatsApp, Twitter nor Facebook. And don’t share them with anyone. @nuevadmon says that a relevant case of application of online messaging promoted by @amalialopezacer is.

The WhatsApp service of the SERVEF (Valencian Employment and Training Service). It was launched in April 2015 and since September it has received about 1,000 monthly queries, which can be conversations with multiple messages that are managed with the WhatsApp web application from a computer and with the same opening hours as in-person offices.