Increase your sales with a shop on aliexpress. Amazon or ebay online shop create your online shop and find new sales opportunities why is it so important to sell online today? Why do so many entrepreneurs open a shop on aliexpress. Amazon or ebay ? To broaden their possibilities and enter a larger market? To contact those users who cannot go to the store because they live too far away? To have a point of sale open 24 hours a day? Can we say more simply that opening an online shop helps you gain visibility and new customers. Potentially from all over the world? 


2020 data on e-commerce growth

If we limit ourselves to italy. We know that our consumers are hyper-connecte and spend part of their time on  google looking for special data products to buy. There is a large share of the market that absolutely cannot be misse! 2020 data on e-commerce growth every year we have confirmation of this: the e-commerce trend continues to grow. According to the famous we are social 2020 research. A point of reference at global and national level. Italian consumers have increase the hours of internet browsing compare to 2019. In fact. They spend 6 hours more of their time compare to the previous year: 98% prefer the smartphone. The remaining 2% pc or tablet.

Google and product listings

 Pre-purchase online searches rose by one point: from 86% in 2019 to 87% in 2020 and the purchase of products grew from 75% to 77%. Let’s IG Users focus on volumes: 87% of people use the internet to find out about products and services and 77% then buy online: we’re talking about huge figures! I think I’ve given you a great reason to rethink your business and open an online marketplace! All that remains is to think which platform to choose! In just a few steps you create a shop on aliexpress. Amazon or ebay why prefer e-commerce giants? Because to create a shop on aliexpress. Amazon or ebay there are no complicate proceures to follow and it is not necessary to have a domain. Hosting or install complex software.