For their part, some institutions specify it on their report card or through the ucational web system they use, which will detail your order of merit and indicate whether or not you belong to the upper third . From which grade is consider the upper third how is the upper third calculat in the school? As we mention, there is no specific grade or formula to know if you are in this group. However, we can easily calculate how many people access the top third in your classroom or section.

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To do this, we must divide the total number of students in your classroom by three (3). For example, if a section has 42 students, the top third would be the first 14 students in the classroom . On the other business email list hand, if you want to obtain the upper third of the entire degree , the process must be repeat, but with the total number of students from all sections. Svg e what is upper third in university? In the case of the university, the same criteria are appli as in the school; however, the ways in which this ranking is calculat vary according to the rules of each institution.

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To do this, it is key to know your order of merit , which is obtain in different ways, according to the university’s criteria. In some universities it is calculat by adding the grades —pass or not—for the cycle, dividing it by the number IG Users of course crits . Although each case is different and in accordance with the regulations of the institutions, most specify it through their web portals, in the academic information section . If you cannot view it through the virtual platforms, contact your university so that they can provide you with this information through the secretariat.