Genuinely caring about the interaction fuels the relationship and builds a closeness that is difficult for competitors to match. Going to social mia with the intention of chatting improves the experience . Going to dialogue in digital environments—instead of simply publishing—changes the dynamics of platform appropriation. If the focus is the audience and not the company’s message. We are moving towards the consolidation of a community. Thinking about social networks as a conversational channel drives the service and. Therefore. The experience.

Customer loyalty grows

By improving engagement on social networks. Customer b2b leads loyalty grows. Trust is built. And true allies are acquir. Focusing on interaction intensifies the viral effect . When businesses approach actions on social networks thinking about positively impacting each user—working intensely on the quality of content and conversations—they indirectly connect with their social circle. And that is a powerful growth lever! On social mia. Reach can be achiev in two ways: (i) by making a solo effort or (ii) by leveraging followers.

The focus on interaction allows leverage on the

And the second is the short route. The focus on interaction allows IG Users leverage on the community to drive message reach. A good community manager is not concern with increasing audience size. But rather with increasing interactions. How to improve engagement on social networks. An organization that decides to gain interaction must first understand the fundamental pieces that activate the conversation on social networks.