We want something that would give us the guarantee that. Once install. It would not require further interventions. In short. An instrument that never breaks. Design to work 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. Furthermore. We were not looking for a simple hardware solution. But as mention a real platform that would allow us to manage menus and Enter company email and receive the white paper multimia contents completely independently. And beyond the fact that samsung represents a point of reference in the market. Our choice was also guid by the technological partner who help us install the system. Cws. So we opt for the 48-inch dm48e monitor combin with the magic info digital signage platform with the magic info premium licenses for publishing and managing content. What was the customer feback and what results were you.

Product that despite its high potential has a high cost

The project start recently and also due to the relatively recent inaugurations there have not yet been any systematic investigations into the effects it  asia email list has produc. Obviously we are monitoring the increases in sales of the  drinks that we have decid to launch through the displays. But the history is not corroborat enough to make a final balance. I can say that we certainly see customers very interest in this revolutionary innovation. Rate the quality of this articlemailup marketing conference. On 12 december in milan. The present and future of digital tools home digital 4marketing advertising share this article appointment for all digital marketers at palazzo mezzanotte.

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Technology and customers and share knowlge and know-how on data architecture. New regulations. Perspectives on the evolution of messaging and direct mailing in line with the innovations of machine learning. Our readers will receive a special discount on the entrance ticke IG Users Publish on 18 sep 2017 An event dicat to the fundamental digital marketing themes that characterize the relationship between brands and customers. Miat by constantly changing tools and technologies: from new perspectives in the use of personal data to data driven strategies. Up to future messaging scenarios. Between systems of machine learning and new conversation models with the user. This will be the mailup marketing conference .