But if I say that you could significantly improve the quality of your nights sleep with one change theres a 1/4 chance that Im right. After all every fourth adult…” 2. Problem-aware A problem-aware person knows that he sleeps badly. He notices that his neck hurts in the mornings his mouth is sometimes dry and he doesnt feel rested when he wakes up. However he does not know what causes this or what the solution would be. He can only guess that a bad sleep is caused by either stress too little exercise a bad blanket an

Old bed traffic noise or a bad pillow.

For such a person the angle of marketing is talking about problems. Does your neck hurt in the morning? Do you feel that you sleep badly?. This way you get his interest and you can teach him what business database methods can be used to fix problems. 3. Conscious of the end result People who are aware of the end result know that the problem with bad sleep lies in a bad pillow. However she doesnt know what kind of pillow suits her. Such a person should be told about the end result. 7 tips for choosing the right pillow See if a high or low pillow

Product aware A product-conscious

 Situation changed or is changing? How crowded is the market? Which target groups do we want to address in the future? What is their level of product awareness? How will the purchasing behavior and purchasing IG Users criteria of the targeted target groups change in the coming years? Which trends guide our industry and in which direction? What kind of technologies could we use in our marketing? 1. Competitor analysis – What are the competitors doing? How should your company be marketed so that you stand out from the