Beach services: the novelty of summer 2017 in sardinia. On 2 march 2017comments sardinia is the favorite destination for tourists. But beach services nee to improve tourists really like sardinia. In fact they say on tripadvisor that they find it better than the caribbean. And they say that the sardinian sea and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. But the sore point is the lack of services. The improvement of services. Including the rental of beach services . Car parks. Showers and bathrooms. Is a recurring request from tourists who are increasingly choosing sardinia for their holidays. 

An online booking service for beach establishments

For the next tourist season the forecasts are rosy. And the growth trend should also be confirme for 2017. In fact. Both new database in cagliari and olbia airports. A notable increase in flights is expecte. With new companies and new national and international routes. Next summer 2017. There will be 73 destinations from cagliari-elmas airport. Guarantee by 32 carriers. From olbia airport. There will be 55 routes and 12 carriers. But the reference to our natural beauties. The sea above all. Will no longer be enough to make tourists choose our splendid island for their holidays.

What are the advantages for beach establishments

It is necessary to invest in the quality of services and hospitality. To face the strong competition from other regions. Such as sicily. Puglia and IG Users tuscany. And from foreign countries that offer better services. An online booking service for beach establishments: one of the beach services most requeste and appreciate by tourists. Especially foreigners. Is the online beach service . I.E. The possibility of booking and paying for the umbrella and sunbe rental service online. Our web agency has create an innovative project to provide beach establishments with a website . Very similar to an e-commerce .