Loading speed This is probably the most important thing when choosing a hosting, and I can say it is the most important thing without worrying about being wrong. Have I told you what is most important? Whether you choose a cheap host, a mediocre host or a professional host, it all depends on whether your site runs smoothly or loads like lightning.

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Resource Consumption If your site is experiencing high traffic, the servers you rent can become overwhelmed, causing your site to slow  latest database down or crash, so check the server’s memory and performance. Availability( uptime) For high-quality hosting, it is strange that something malfunctioned and caused your website and other websites to fail, but this can happen. All the hosting providers I show you in this article are guaranteed uptime.

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 Free Certificates To ensure that your website is secure and displayed in Protocol( takes this into account and it is necessary to install the certificate on your website. Today, few hosting providers don’t offer you a free certificate, but just in case, make sure they  IG Users do and you don’t have to pay. What almost everyone uses is that it is fully verified by the website, so the fact that it is free does not make you hesitate. Its installation is very simple and is done via the host control panel itself.