There are essentially two different types of corporate communication

Corporate communication services are an important aspect of business, and in definition. It is the way in which the company interacts with all its stakeholders. Whether they are There are internal entities such as employees. Shareholders, etc, or external entities such as customers, potential customers, influencers.

There are Internal communications deal

With interactions within the company or business, between employees, executives, managers. The board of Directors, shareholders, etc. And effective communications are important for the smooth running of a business. The types of communications involved with internal interactions. Can be between a manager and an employee. The Board and the managers, and can involve either many people or just a few.

It can be done in either a formal or informal manner. Depending on the specific communication or situation. Effective internal communications are an important aspect. When it comes executive data to the growth of a business, and to make all stakeholders in the business aware of the goals and objectives. As well as to foster teamwork and togetherness. So that everyone works towards achieving these, as one well-oiled machine.

External communications define

How the company or brand presents itself and is perceived by the outside world. External communications should be managed and handled by a professional. Who has the IG Users right experience and expertise in the subject matter. Such as a well-reputed PR Agency in Sri Lanka because even a small mishandling of communications of this type. Can affect the business in a huge way.

External corporate communications can include such aspects as the business’ annual reports. Its website, its social media presence, blogs, promotional items, printed matter, newsletters. Case studies and so much more, and all of these have a huge impact on the brand image and reputation of the business.

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