Or your company. See in this post how to achieve Customer Success. The customer as a priority A few years ago, in the days of mass production, the customer’s opinion was not as important or taken into account. The objective was to produce more spending less , and sell to as many people as possible, without worrying too much about who this final audience would be. However, over time marketing has evolved. Today we know that, for a good relationship, and consequently, loyalty, we need to place the customer at the center of the business, listen to them and understand them. When the customer is placed as a priority, their loyalty and satisfaction happen because of the quality of their service and attention, and not by simple persuasion.

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A priority does not mean pampering them and fulfilling their every wish, but listening to their urgencies and demands, understanding and understanding their needs, and very importantly, taking into Kuwait Phone Number Data account the success of this customer as a loyalty mechanism . What is Customer Success in practice? At the beginning of this post we already talked about what this term means. But how to understand it in practice ? Well, if the client attends all meetings, understands the processes and learns to use the necessary software, it is a good indicator that he is on the right path. However, these factors do not indicate its success . Customer success forms during sales qualification , through sales and after sales, and this cycle is endless to achieve success.

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That the company as a whole adopts Customer Success as a philosophy, not just an industry. Let’s see how this philosophy can change the way a company operates in all its aspects. Alignment of acquisition, sale and service Attracting and capturing the right customer is the key to a good start. And the right customer is not the one who can pay more for your EC Lists work, but the one who has the potential to be successful with what your company offers. For example, why would you want to have a big company as a customer if your product doesn’t cater to that type of company? Once you’ve defined your correct audience, you’ll need to understand how to communicate for capture. The best way to communicate with this client is by tracing the persona , understanding their pains and needs and providing answers.