For this second edition of Inbound Marketing France, we had the honor of welcoming Jonathan Dick. A little provocative in the title of his conference “ Your marketing strategy destroys your business, and you ignore it! HubSpot ‘s VP of Marketing came to warn us about the 3 predators that are endangering our business. Between trip to the zoo and good advice, here is what we learned from this presentation rich in information. Among the 3 predators are the wolf, the snake and the whale! And no… no fox or weasel in this story.

To get out of our traditional ways

Public MFI19 Chapter  The Wolf The Death of Business by the Wolf is inspired by the story of the child who cried wolf. By Namibia Phone Number List dint of ringing the alarm bell for nothing, we no longer take the alerts seriously. The death of business by the wolf happens when we close our eyes to change so much that we do not see it coming, which impacts our business. One of the big changes we need to be aware of today is the way we communicate . We have to get out of our traditional ways. Push email: it’s over! The product push: it’s over! Communication on our own terms: it’s over.  Communicate when the consumer is attentive and in a personalized way.

If ever they limited the possibilities of making

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Depending on the stage of the purchase journey in which he is, the consumer can use up to 13 different means of communication . HubSpot Communication Channels How to communicate with consumers by IG Users stage of the buying journey? Faced with these new consumer expectations, we must make it easier for them to contact our company. The HubSpot teams modified their contact page to test this theory. This new page now offers 3 possibilities : direct call, appointment booking directly from a calendar and chatbot. The observation made by Jon Dick: 51% of people make an appointment 30% call 19% use the chatbot. One certainty: if ever they limited the possibilities of making contact, the volume would decrease greatly.