Who are often the managers of SMEs. What if the “networker” was worth much more than the “data scientist”? » Want to know more about social selling? You will be able to discover Sylvie Lachkar during the conference “Social selling, a fashion effect”. (Sylvie Lachkar and Hervé Kabla are the authors of ” Social selling explained to my boss “, published by Kawa).On the occasion of a podcast produced as part of the program “I come to work at home”, presented by Géry Bertrande, Michel BREBION, director of Winbound, the organizing agency of IMF, returns to what makes.

A simple definition of this new marketing

The DNA of this event. A pure inbound event, which naturally applies the fundamentals of the inbound marketing Slovenia Phone Number List methodology! Evangelize around inbound marketing As Michel Brébion defines it, inbound marketing is “Responding to what keeps Internet users up at night” – a simple definition of this new marketing, which some BtoB marketing professionals will discover during this second editing. Inbound marketing is still little known in France, whereas it has been legion in the United States for more than 15 years. ! IMF responds to the issues of business leaders, sales and marketing managers.

There are many digital events in France

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The needs are there! So why do so few business leaders know about it? Why is there such a gap between the needs in terms of commercial process and the means implemented? Digital marketing expertise IG Users may seem too technical and sometimes frighten these uninitiated populations, but in truth, “Digital is not that complicated” indicates Michel Brébion and IMF precisely tends to give access to as many people as possible to knowledge. around these jobs. There are many digital events in France but IMF is the only one that addresses all the levers of modernizing the business process. A customer-centric event This is the key to the success of an inbound marketing strategy, and also the key to the success of the event.