The principle  Each year a collaborative hood bringing together as many brands as possible is created and put into play on Twitter. Each brand that wishes can add its prize and Internet users can participate to win it all (+ each prize separately to increase the number of winners). Last year more than 70 brands participated in the operation. We hope to do even better this year. Have you quantified, in one way or another, the fruits of your presence? What KPIs do you use? The objective for us is not necessarily to do “the maximum of RT” but to create a link.  We really want to enhance the interactions between the company and Internet users.

The number of responses and the positivity

Regarding the KPIs, this of course depends on the news broadcast. For example for delivery without address, the number Benin Phone Number List of deliveries made following the dissemination of this news and the articles that we have obtained are of course important. For more “classic” communications, the visibility of the publications, the number of responses and the “positivity” of the feedback are criteria that we look at regularly. Interflora’s speeches are strongly personified, we recognize a real touch, which goes beyond a commercial speech. Why and how did you build this strategy? We do not believe that the added value of social networks is to push a maximum of promotions.

It should be understood that all people are

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It is a medium that allows us to work. On the notoriety and image of a company .If we wish to “sell” this goes directly through IG Users advertising. Based on this observation, we took the DNA of the brand (emotion/flowers) and we declined it in content to integrate into the daily life of Internet users because we do not simply offer flowers during holidays but throughout the year. It should be understood that all people are likely to offer flowers, couples of course but also single people, young adults as well as older people and that we do not offer flowers only for love for a move, for fun, for a colleague or a friend.