To conclude a training contract and start a long-term relationship that goes beyond beyond the training period. But the key to digital transformation will come through identified, planned and transparent data acquisition processes and governance. The ultra-rapid transformation of our economies – which in less than 10 years has gone from geographically localized institutions to data-only businesses – has been possible thanks to an abundant raw material, at very low cost, and in a market totally unregulated (Americans even see it as self-regulated). The rules of the game are changing under the double pressure of regulations  such as the GDPR and the growing distrust of citizen-consumers.

To set up active security on all new services

The challenges now are to de-complexify the collection of data, to sustain its supply, and to make it the raw material Tunisia Phone Number List of new offers. For institutions, this requires data governance to inspire student confidence, ethics and transparency for all interlocutors, and finally to set up active security on all new services. Did you know ? The Education sector uses 87.28% opt-in in its email communications, but only 12.72% double opt-in to check the validity of the emails of its interlocutors.  GetResponse Nov 2018.

The notable exception of Sciences

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The confidence of your students, a constant challenge According to a study carried out at the end of 2015 by the agency Noir sur blanc, no less than 80% of business schools have changed their brand over the past IG Users 15 years. In just a few years, branding has become a strategic discipline for all higher education establishments. However, 20 years ago, equating a large school or a faculty with a brand would almost have caused a scandal. And, with the notable exception of Sciences Po, already engaged in such reflections by its director at the time, Richard Descoings, few establishments had yet taken an interest in their brand(s) and their development.