Some schools are even equipped with a team of salespeople who prospect all day, like in a commercial enterprise. It is now also common for schools to have a Paris office to manage relations with companies and receive potential partners during various events such as conferences, cocktail parties and meetings. Previously, job fairs, the publication of training catalogs and employment guides were the preferred tools of schools and training centers to recruit their students. With the rise of new technologies, becoming visible in search engines, being dynamic on social networks, attracting, convincing and converting your visitors into candidates or students, has become the new rule of the game.

The complete automation of the student-teacher

Historical players in education must go even further and achieve their digital transformation, in the face of aggressive new entrants, which are disrupting education with e-learning and the complete Taiwan Phone Number List automation of the student-teacher relationship. The school becomes transparent and tailor-made is the rule. Lastly, education marketing is also benefiting from the Marketing Automation revolution, which allows for an individualized mass relationship. Students must remain at the center of relationships, emotion and professionalism are the key to a lasting relationship of trust. The fluidity of the recruitment phase will engage them.

The capital of the Grandes Ecoles

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The ease of acquiring knowledge and the organization of the courses will make them loyal ambassadors. And as long as the IG Users marketing programs take them into account over the long term throughout their career, the Alumni will make you benefit from their networks and may even become new business clients. Data and Process, the capital of the Grandes Ecoles Marketing automation helps to identify the potential interest of contacts who, thanks to an automatic maturation process through the information that will guide them, will become students of the establishment. It automates a set of actions that take your contacts to the point where administrators can approach them directly – or their company for work-study and executives.