At each stage of the customer journey, the malfunctions. For this, we can rely on customer feedback by setting. Up customer listening systems (voice of the customer). Such as surveys measuring the nps (net promoter score . See the methodology on this link ), the implementation places an audit. Or a continuous progress dashboard. And many other supports to guarantee an optimal quality of service. Would you recommend our products and services. But it is not the only indicator, the nps makes it possible. To measure word of mouth.But we will rather use a csat (satisfaction score) after a phone call. Use of the product.Vary the indicators to monitor satisfaction.

It is essential to listen to employees breakfasts

The CSAT, the NPS, the CES measuring different elements of the Customer Experience, they should be used according to the elements to be measured, the type of feedback to be collected, etc. At Morocco Phone Number List the same time, it is essential to listen to employees (breakfasts, social barometer, suggestion box, etc.), and to involve them in this continuous improvement process. customer satisfaction must be at the heart of the company’s concerns It is by making them actors, and by involving them, that the customer approach will truly spread throughout the company. Want to know more about optimizing customer journeys in B2B.

This development represents a tremendous

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You can contact Jean David directly on Linkedin . He will be happy to answer your questions about improving the quality IG Users of service and optimizing customer journeys in B2B.our behavior is changing. We dialogue with a voice interface and therefore make more complex requests because they are oral (no more keywords in Google!). Our expectations following a search are just as different, the answers are audio and must be short. This development represents a tremendous opportunity for you and your company: that of establishing a unique dialogue with your leads and customers.