A clear and concise response within the zero position limit of approximately 50 words. Also use structured data to organize your content. “List” formats in particular are highly appreciated by Google and favored as Featured Snippets. Be aware that for a web page to be eligible for position zero, it must be present between position 1 and 5 of a search. However, the page in position 1 will not always be the one displayed in position 0, so you have every chance! 3/ Work on your local SEO In 2018, local search results grew in importance . The fact is, if local SEO is part of your inbound strategy, you need to optimize it for Voice Search.

The answer given to a voice search

Indeed, these results based on the geolocation of your device often occupy position 0 and are therefore generally the Paraguay Phone Number List answer given to a voice search.  This type of referencing is interesting depending on your type of activity. Sectors such as catering, hotels, real estate or the automobile industry are very sensitive to it. To optimize it, remember on the one hand to fill in your Google My Business files as much as possible and on the other hand, to support your location in your content by adding keywords such as “nearby”, “nearby”. 4/ Be attentive and responsive to upcoming changes Voice Search and its results remain very young concepts.

A good chance of evolving in the weeks

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The principle of referencing today is based on that of written research. This already poses problems to some extent in view IG Users of the behaviors and interactions that differ greatly between an oral question and a search via keywords. This system therefore has a good chance of evolving in the weeks, months and years to come. So stay alert to these developments. And react as quickly as possible so as not to be left behind by your competitors. Adapt your Inbound strategy to new codes and uses As already mentioned. The smartphone is one of the interfaces that has contributed to the democratization of Voice Search. At the same time, the mobile world is also experiencing its own revolution with the IMF.