That of becoming their single source of truth concerning the subjects and issues on which you are an expert. In Inbound Marketing terminology, these changes offer you the chance to be the one and only visible and accessible answer! As you will have understood. The uniqueness of this dialogue can be an opportunity. As well as a danger for your Inbound strategy. The multiplicity of search results on the Web turns into a much more Manichean system. To be visible (or audible in this case) or not to be.With a single place ensuring this visibility.

The answers provided today to voice searches

Google remains the reference in Search, preparing for Voice Search consists above all in aiming for and reaching position Panama Phone Number List zero on the target queries of your Inbound Marketing strategy . Indeed, the answers provided today to voice searches are the Featured Snippets present in position 0 . Here are some tips to achieve this: 1/ Rethink your keyword strategy The evolution of Internet user requests impacts the keywords used historically on your website. In the case of Voice Search, your future visitors and leads use sentences, mainly interrogatives . Create pages and articles taking this element into account and target the most used requests.

The message and meaning of your web pages

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For this, Google Analytics and the Search Console are your best assets and give you the search terms on which you must IG Users position yourself. You can also use tools like Google Suggests or the Answerthepublic site . Please note that this work must be done in parallel and/or by adapting to your historical and current strategy. Classic research via a computer or mobile still has a bright future ahead of it, so keywords optimized for this type of query too! 2/ Adapt your content The message and meaning of your web pages, blog posts, and other content remain the same. The essence of your company’s value proposition is not impacted by Voice Search, its form however requires some adjustments to be optimized for voice. To turn your content into Featured Snippets, you can follow a few best practices. Internet users ask questions? Very well, take up these questions and make them your strength by placing them in the H1 tag! Directly after this tag.