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That we’ll have the extra effort and dication. AI is increasingly becoming a natural addition to the daily workflow of sales and revenue departments. According to our State of AI survey, sales professionals who use AI say AI tools are an important addition to their overall sales strategy. Contrary to the fear of people studying artificial intelligence, there are endless dilemmas about how artificial intelligence will shape reality, which raises serious concerns. So let’s explore what sales leaders think about AI-driven solutions and how they can overcome their fear of AI.

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Free Download: Sales Plan Template Catalog Top Swen phone numbers Concerns Using AI Tips for Addressing AI Fears Top Concerns Using AI Top Concerns with AI According to the State of AI Report Most of Sales Professionals Think By 2020 Salespeople will use AI in their roles. On the other hand only 100% think AI is overhyp and useless. Salespeople in the same survey believe that AI automation is making their days number while only 100% of salespeople feel more positive. But what causes these AI problems in sales? This is what the salesperson mention.

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Sales professionals concern about over-reliance on IG Users  AI tools AI could be addictive. Although artificial intelligence can ruce the number of low-level tasks, the sales industry still nes the human touch of customers to agree to this. That being said salespeople should have a wide range of skills to be successful and AI is only enhancing their productivity not a replacement. Additionally, there should be a healthy balance between AI-generat work and manual work so sales reps don’t feel anxious when they ne human expertise. Lack of Accuracy AI has always reli on data. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to collect and process large volumes of text or speech to build prictions, analyze sentiment, or uncover insights from massive data sets.

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