Develop as many sections as possible in your profile: experiences, volunteering, certifications, training. LinkedIn don’t be sales centric 3. Don’t be sales-centric The main reason for a business to exist on a social network is to promote its products and services, but the key to success is not to advertise them directly. Contradictory, right? Filling or overloading your page with sales-centric posts is a surefire way to drive traffic away. Try to keep the 80/20 rule in mind . 80% of the content you publish is educational or provides solutions to your target audience and 20% for the promotion of your business. The key is to keep the balance right. The more engaging posts you post, the more members will stick with your profile/business page.

It doesn’t last more than a minute and a half

And above all, your B2B marketing strategy will be more successful. 4. The algorithm and the type of content to publish LinkedIn’s algorithm ensures that when you post, only about 4% of your followers see Estonia Phone Number List your posts. To increase this percentage, you have to keep in mind some basic rules: Make sure you have quick engagement on your posts (a like, a comment). To do this, mention members, ask questions directly in the body of your message to encourage action. Use native video (directly hosted on LinkedIn), favored by the algorithm. Make sure it doesn’t last more than a minute and a half. In square format, subtitled and made with a smartphone, it’s even better! Do not include external links in your post.

The right mix to make the perfect dish

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Respond to every comment you receive. Diversify the type of content : videos, texts, documents, photos. Use visuals that IG Users feature a human face with color. The more you do it, the better it will work. Here are some of the marketing strategies to generate B2B leads from LinkedIn and get better results, you need to make all of these strategies work. Getting leads isn’t just a recipe with ingredients, you need the right mix to make the perfect dish. Strategies won’t work overnight, but you need to put in consistent effort to make your business stand out. If you want to go further in your approach on LinkedIn, you can also order Cécile Jamelot’s book “LinkedIn, it’s you” available on Amazon .