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The opportunity for all visitors to take an interest in AI, as a tool to optimize the ROI of your inbound marketing strategy Winbound to Boston But the constitution of the program was also done in Rennes with a difficulty: that of offering masterclasses, conferences, round tables, workshops, etc., accessible to all levels. “This year, we wanted to classify the interventions as “beginner” or “confirmed”. The idea is to allow visitors to build their program based on their knowledge of inbound marketing. We have also sought to focus on customer cases. In the end, we brought together more than 70 speakers: a great success.

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The motivation to make this event a success and an unforgettable moment for all. Inbound Marketing France is Russia Phone Number List therefore the result of teamwork and collaboration between the Winbound and MV Group teams. MFI team Organizing an event for 1,200 participants requires meticulous organization. Throughout the year, the missions were therefore divided between the different members of the team. IMF is “homemade” with a full-time collaborator since September, Laura in charge of organizing the event, accompanied by a whole team.Logically, it can therefore be linked to various Call-To-Actions: Download the white paper, request a quote, try for free, contact us, etc.

To get personalized advice on the various digital

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An audit space: advice on YOUR strategy. New for this 2020 edition.The establishment of a free audit space IG Users available. To all participants. The perfect opportunity. To get personalized advice on the various digital levers. Digital strategy, Web marketing, Natural reference, LinkedIn Strategy, Ergonomics and web design, Monitoring and content, Digital strategy Who says novelty, says organization! So that everything is ready to welcome you on January 28th.! Michel Brébion – CEO Winbound A motivated project team for a successful event Over the years the organizing team has grown but one thing has not changed.

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