Therefore there are a multiplicity of interactions with a group rather than a single individual. This multiplication of stakeholders makes the task more difficult in terms of knowledge to master the processes. For me there are 3 stages of optimization Step 1: Knowledge The first stage concerns “knowledge” which will allow us to understand more, to interact, to serve and to anticipate. As I announced in the preamble, it is more complicated in B2B because we will have different types of persona which is something fundamental today and whose objective is to define scenarios for the use of a product or of service to affirm a positioning or promotion strategy.

The company and to empathize with them

The persona method makes it possible to personify the different groups of customers targeted by the company and to Luxembourg Phone Number List empathize with them. persona profile and verbatims persona needs problems and fears persona storytelling Each target group is represented by the profile of a fictitious person characterized by different attributes such as first name, a photo, a summary of the personal and/or professional situation of the person, a representation of his interests, buying behavior, communication preferences (digital, physical, etc.)Formalize a target portrait. Step 2: Client autonomy The second step concerns “empowering the client.

To avoid introducing bad interpretations

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Specific expectations  For this, it is necessary to involve upstream the collaborators having a good knowledge of the IG Users customer (marketing, studies, sales, customer services, etc.) to avoid introducing bad interpretations. It is also essential to meet your customers, whether through double listening at the contact center, by going to trade shows, by organizing annual customer days, etc. get feedback with user meetings In addition, it is still necessary to take 3 major precautions, namely: Feed the persona from real data. The attributes selected must globally correspond to the reality of the target client. for simple requests, and suggesting that they get in touch with an advisor for other requests.