This time I’m not talking about Inbound Marketing France but about the Mobile First Index! Mobile: adapt your Inbound strategy to new codes and uses This new way of indexing web content by the giant Google began at the end of 2018 and continues to shake up the SERPs and SEO today. The principle is simple, now web pages are indexed according to their mobile version and no longer desktop as historically. This update has shaken up the positioning of websites in both directions. Some very well classified, they are found derogated from many places. Others, who had anticipated, climbed into the first results thanks to this opportunity.

Their modes of consumption are changing

Google does not make such changes for the sole pleasure of seeing us marketers and web marketers break into a cold sweat. This change took place in response to the evolution of the behavior of Internet Peru Phone Number List users and their interactions, which are increasingly numerous via mobile. It’s a fact, users are increasingly using mobiles to browse the Internet. In the same way, their modes of consumption are changing and now include mobile as a real decision-making factor in the purchasing process and as a means of direct contact with companies (yours included!). Like Voice Search, this change in consumption patterns on the telephone is also an opportunity for your business.

Many companies have removed thisPhone Number List

To the extent that your strategy adapts to these new habits, you take advantage of them to gain visibility and acquire IG Users more leads! A simple example? The phone call call-to-action! With the rise of digital, many companies. Have removed this CTA from their website. Favoring purely online contacts which were. According to them, easier to manage, analyze and optimize. However, a phone call represents an exchange with high added value. Coming from a lead qualified enough to decide to call you and talk to you live! Especially since your leads and customers are looking for you and find you on mobile, and can therefore call you at the touch of a finger, and they do not hesitate.