To explain how to use a tool or explain a commercial proposal sharing of videos of your interventions or corporate videos product or service demo videos “Yes, but it’s complicated. well, no! With a few easy-to-use tools, you can make quality videos at a very competitive cost. Tyler Lessard cites some classic tools on the market: his solution (obviously) Vidyard GoVideo Tool, very practical for capturing quick little videos that you can send by email! You will also need a basic video editing tool. Here are a few: iMovie, Adobe Rush, Camtasia, Powtoon, Lumen, .

The videos as part of an ABM approach

Leverage video purchase journey Are you convinced? So program a real video strategy, which will respond to Egypt Phone Number List the purchasing path of your prospects and customers. In the awareness phase, make videos for social networks, in “Conversation” mode. Publish on your blog or Youtube videos that are answers to the questions that your personas ask themselves and only to these . Also use the videos as part of an ABM approach. In consideration and decision, think about all the questions you are asked 80% of the time…and answer them on video! Publish them on your YoutTube channel, send them by live mail or integrate them into nurturing workflows. You can also shoot personal messages or help screenshots  times faster than explaining by mail .

It becomes a powerful weapon

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To retain your customer, video seems essential. If you work in service delivery, and your customer works with. A dedicated IG Users project team, have them meet by video interposed in a simple welcome email. Shoot a few videos. In the form of mini-series more in the next episode. To involve your customer in using your product.Obviously, if you use video as technical support, it becomes a powerful weapon. It will save you time since you will give an explanation only once and save your customer time, since he will not have to go through the 1245 pages of the user manual. Thanks to all these tricks around the video, you will establish a human and supportive relationship with your prospect or client, who will thus create a relationship of trust.