In recent years I have trained, mentored and accompanied hundreds of companies that were structuring their inside sales teams, from the main world references to entrepreneurs starting their businesses from scratch. As inside sales is something relatively new in the world and even more so in Brazil, my feeling is that we were all learning together how to assemble a high performance “world class” inside sales team . Today, a decade later, some learnings can help a lot in the challenge of setting up your first inside sales team. In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of the Minimum Viable Product (MPV) for sales and what must be done to implement it.

the manager launches the product version

in a leaner way, applying the least amount of time and money, while preserving its concept as much as possible. Thus, he can understand how the product will perform in the market and what can be added or removed; after this “test”, a better and more complete product is developed, avoiding wasting money with an initial version. Why use Sales MVP? Fail fast, fail small, fail big, and finally, fix it fast . This is the great motto of the MVP. Who first  Accounting Directors Email Lists   applied this  concept to the structuring of a sales team was Diego Gomes, founder of SaaSholic , one of the brightest guys I’ve met in recent years and source of many of the insights in this article.

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The only path is that of prototyping and testing

Identify best practices, test them and learn from mistakes and successes. That’s why I’ve gathered here the best practices I’ve found along my journey, which form a great starting point to help you set EC Lists up your inside sales operation. What to do before starting to set up your operation Before you even hire your first sales executive and think about building a team , you need to build a solid foundation. So, before you assemble the team, you need to learn how to sell your product . I faithfully believe that this role belongs to the owner of the company. After all, hiring a sales executive before you know how to sell will end up taking you down the drain. This moment is crucial because it is a validation phase.