They will tell you everything there is to know about this approach, which can be adapted according to account, persona, industry, etc. In short, a range of possibilities will open up to you. Today, you can no longer ignore social networks and the power of their communities. But how to use them using the organic? The round table moderated by Flavien Chantrel : “Personalising a brand on social networks, instructions for use” tells you more. The media managers of Mon Petit Gazon and Interflora will testify. To the possibility of viralizing its content. To create an engaged community. They will explain everything about building. A strong editorial line and personifying their brands on the networks, or how your customers become your ambassadors.

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Openness to new themes The Inbound Marketing strategy no longer holds any secrets for you and your company is mature on the subject. No, what motivates you to come to IMF20 is to be able to keep yourself Bahrain Phone Numbers List informed of new marketing trends, “sense” opportunities for progress, explore new avenues. Rest assured, here too, we have what you need. You will not be able to miss the conference of Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier who is doing us the honor of crossing the Atlantic just to talk to you about remote work . Even if France is still cautious on the subject, remote work is gaining ground. Some companies manage to work without a desk.

The brands most often cited when talking

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Just like Zapier. Wade Foster will give you all his secrets for combining remote work, effective management and growth.We interviewed Yvain Ducrocq, Interflora’s digital communications manager, about the IG Users brand’s social media strategy. Click here to read the original article published in the Moderator’s Blog. Interflora public speaking strategy Discover Interflora’s strategy for speaking out on social networks. It is one of the brands most often cited when talking about success in social media animation. Interflora is regularly talked about for its speeches, its animations and the events it launches on its social spaces.