He talks about marketing on Twitter daily and is followed by more than 35,000 subscribers. B2B influencer & employee: how to succeed in this balancing act? He will share his vision and his experience on these subjects. 360 global vision A 360 vision of your business and marketing The MFI recipe also means giving participants all the keys to developing their business. The subject is vast and logically, so are the themes of the conferences! One day at IMF20 and you will leave with answers to the following questions, among others.

The best practices to get off to a good start

Digital transformation will be widely discussed through several workshops. What are the new digital trends? Conversational and AI are subjects that need no introduction. Everyone talks about it but do you Cayman Islands Phone Number List really know what its uses can be? How to modernize my commercial prospection? We have already talked about it on this blog, LinkedIn can be an essential ally for your salespeople to meet qualified prospects. Social selling fan or beginner, you will be able to identify all the best practices to get off to a good start on LinkedIn or improve your presence on the social network.

The keys to making operational choices Finally

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How do I address my prospects in a personalized way? In your business strategy, your content strategy, the way you address IG Users your targets on social networks: personalization is the key! ABM – Account Based Marketing – will also be on the program for Inbound Marketing France 2020. All the keys to making operational choices Finally, it is unthinkable to organize an event dedicated to inbound marketing without talking about marketing automation. Strategic thinking is of course the basis of any inbound marketing strategy .How to digitize my company, my marketing and commercial actions? Should we combine print and digital, or oppose them? Go 100% digital.