Quentin, Jérémy, Alexandre and many other experts will be able to advise you. Increase your web marketing performance To create traffic and generate sales or contacts, web marketing is often a strategic lever. You still need to know how to use it effectively and stand out from your competitors. The cost of these actions requires the development of action plans adjusted to the millimeter! Adwords, display, sponsored publications on social networks: perhaps you want to have an expert’s view of your actions and know how you can improve their performance? Our experts will give you advice on how to improve your cost per contact by working on your wording.

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Your keywords or even your targeting. You will also be able to discuss innovative solutions, on which our experts can Switzerland Phone Number List guide you. Work on your natural referencing Today, the first page of results on a search engine accounts for 90% of traffic. When you have this figure in mind, you quickly realize that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential lever for any company that wants to be visible on the web. Gaining positions in search engines can be a real boost for your business.

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So is your site one of Google’s favorites? Are your content strategy, netlinking and the keywords used appropriate? If you are IG Users wondering how to improve your positioning on Google: our experts will have the answer. audit your website at Inbound Marketing France Amplify the reach of your LinkedIn posts In BtoC as in BtoB, social networks can be a gateway to engage in conversations with your prospects. LinkedIn is particularly suitable for BtoB markets, whether for your notoriety or your lead gen. This network will allow you to identify new prospects but also to address them with personalized content, to help them progress in their buying process.