Do not forget to mention the impact on the relationship between your sales and marketing teams, key to the good development of your company! Enrich your knowledge of customers and prospects 5- That little extra something! Finally, know that our jury will be sensitive to the originality, audacity or singularity of your strategy: complexity of the sector of activity, extensive use of marketing automation, strong creativity, etc. Ready to compete? Register now for a chance to win: An All-Access pass for the Inbound 2020 event in Boston, with return plane ticket and services offered.

The jury will present their strategy during

By Mediaveille worth €3,000 Services to go further in your inbound marketing strategy, including audits by Mediaveille as well as inbound marketing, inbound sales and Cambodia Phone Number List social selling services by Winbound (value: €3,000) The two Coups de Coeur of the jury will present their strategy during the Masterclass “They did it and it works” at the Inbound Marketing France event, on January 28, 2020.After a 2018 edition… a 2019 edition. here we go again for the third edition of IMF in 2020! Same city, same place: the event will take place in Rennes, on January 28, at the Couvent des Jacobins.

To discover the first elements of the program

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This year, IMF remains IMF with as many prestigious speakers and variety in the themes. But this year will also be the IG Users year of novelty! To discover the first elements of the program, follow the guide! The MFI recipe Inbound Marketing France is now the must-attend event for all marketing, sales and business managers. The event attracts visitors from all over France and even from all over Europe and even the world! In 2019, more than 1,000 professionals were able to attend the event and participate in workshops, conferences, round tables and workshops given by experts in their fields. The MFI recipe? It holds in 3 points: Unforgettable speakers A 360° strategic vision.