A great salesperson has more than the love of a sale. They have a true love of the hunt and the patience to wait it out. My best business development folks have two traits: tenacity and patience. In sales, it’s tempting to focus on the quick win, but we’ve landed the best clients by slowly and patiently proving our value. In my opinion, “slow and steady” wins the race in agency sales. – danica kombol, everywhere agency.

 Ability to solve problems

When a salesperson is dedicated to solving a problem over pushing a product, this comes across when speaking (or emailing with a customer). To solve a problem, you need to know what it is first. How do you learn this? By listening. The more you telephone list listen, the more your prospect will feel heard. Listen for the pain, provide a solution and let the client sell themselves. – bernard may, national positions

14. Visual skills

By and large, sales people are visual learners and communicators, more so than verbal. They take their cues from body language and prefer to use presentations and collateral that show diagrams, charts and images. While many may consider this trait to be a disadvantage due to our society and business being based on the written word, a visual tendency is perhaps the most worthy sales trait. – francine carb, markitects, inc.

Ability to make people smile

The ability to make people smile is an underrated trait in sales. People will smile when they feel comfortable and at ease. Many times a potential IG Users client has put up walls to not seem overly eager. If you can make them smile, then they have lowered their defenses a bit. It means that they are now more open and willing to share their thoughts as well as genuinely hear what you have to share.

Marketing trends come and go, and some are more successful than others. What many companies don’t realize, however, is that certain marketing fads, no matter how “hot” they are at the time, simply don’t work for certain brands.

If you want to successfully market your business, you’ll have to experiment with techniques that make sense for your company. The last thing you want to do is invest a lot of time and money into a tactic just because “everyone else is doing it,” only to discover it was a total miss with your audience.