To create a bond between employees with remote work, organize Friday dance parties!  Discover Zapier’s 100% telecommuting organization on Mode(s) d’Emploi . Simon Robic: moving from interruption to conversation, the new challenge for brands Co-founder of Chitchat, Simon Robic warns: ” we are living through the end of an era for brands “. We are experiencing an acceleration in terms of new technological revolutions, with the establishment of the web in 20 years and the mobile for ten years. Access to technological innovation, to capital, to raise funds when creating a business, to talents, with the freelancing system which has become widespread, or even working methods, such as agility.

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Which has become more democratic, are all factors that have enabled this acceleration. So, how to get more visibility for brands, in an era where the purchase of advertising space is exploding, while New Zealand Mobile Number List the click rate is collapsing, due to adblockers and the drop in attention of Internet users to the campaigns offered? ? For Simon Robic, the solution is in conversations. These messaging apps, like Messenger, WhatsApp or direct Instagram, gather 5 billion active users per month. Today, brands need to integrate them into the marketing funnel. Grégory Pouy: 5 strategic business challenges for 2020 Digital transformation was the trend 5 years ago. At a time when consumers want transparency in the use of their data, while wanting a personalized shopping experience.

By way of inbound marketing of course

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The challenge for companies today is to operate their societal transformation. Blogger, speaker, evangelist, consultant and podcaster on Vlan, Grégory Pouy presents the 5 strategic challenges that IG Users brands will have to meet in 2020: the business model, to offer the product that precisely corresponds. By way of inbound marketing of course! Guest Suite has therefore made significant efforts in SEO but also in writing blog content. And it works! Guest Suite managed to create 150 pieces of content in less than 6 months by working with freelancers. They also succeeded in mobilizing internal teams for the creation of actionable content. A very good performance in content marketing which explains the significant increase in positions in SEO.