It is originally written by Cyrielle Maurice ( original article ).We generally discuss topics related to business. Today we offer you an article targeted on the themes of a company . We liked Frédéric Fougerat’s approach to his way of managing, it seemed relevant to talk about it. With “The taste of others”, Frédéric Fougerat shares his managerial recipes “The Taste of Others” is the book – positive but not naive – of a manager at the heart of the company, benevolent and demanding, who shares his observations, his questions and those of many employees. The book addresses themes as varied as empathy, innovation, aggressiveness, seduction, discrimination, emotional intelligence.

To be incapable of deciding is to be incapable

It also provides answers to questions: Existential , to which no manual prepares: I say hello, am I normal? Is my boss awesome? Is resigning communicating? Professionals : what is a leader? Is the nudge Antarctica Email List an inspiring method? Is social value a new professional value? Provocateurs : how to manage well through terror? Do we have to humiliate to exist? Can looking stupid constitute a communication strategy? And shares the positions defended by the author: Being a woman is not an option! Working more, a mistake we all make! To be incapable of deciding is to be incapable of managing! While the posture of manager is not easy to endorse for everyone.

This expert in public and political communication

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The author shares his recipes in a book that places emotions at the heart of business . A singular author with an atypical IG Users career Frédéric Fougerat is a man in the shadows who revealed himself with social networks. 15 years director of the cabinet of local elected officials, this expert in public and political communication has become the DirCom of major international groups. For 15 years, he has managed communication for the Vedior France and Geoservices groups (acquired by Randstad and Schlumberger) and the giants Altran and Elior, groups listed on the SBF 120. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been in charge of communication and marketing for the Foncia group .