On its blog, Ubiflow has chosen not to focus its communication on its services, but on the business issues of its personas . “10 ideas for posts to post on Facebook for mechanics”, “ Real estate agencies: can you miss out on phygital ”, “Optimizing the ROI of your concessions: a complement to call centers”: so many decisive questions for professionals real estate and automotive that Ubiflow seeks to seduce . Thanks to a pragmatic and business-oriented tone, these articles provide concrete solutions that are easily understandable. Interviews with experts, decryptions with specialists.

To each persona and their different readings

The content published on the Ubiflow blog varies in form and in the way the theme is approached. At the end Vietnam Phone Number List of the articles, a call to action offers a demonstration proposal or the possibility of downloading specific content such as white papers. Two great ways to collect qualified leads ! Ubiflow download landing page Different emailing scenarios then offer content adapted to each persona and their different readings, and at the appropriate time to discover the Ubiflow solution. Generate qualified leads through Inbound Marketing like Digitaleo Specialist in relational marketing.  Digitaleo has completely redesigned its tactics for acquiring leads and targeting new prospects.

This qualitative content to provide solutions

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By placing Inbound Marketing and lead generation at the heart of its strategy! On the blog, the Digitaleo teams publish IG Users articles addressing the various issues related to relationship marketing. Digitaleo puts very regular , sized content online . And downloadable content . Which perfectly matches the defined personas (marketing director and point of sale manager, for example). Thus, through an article such as “Relationship marketing. Examples of companies that have understood everything”. Digitaleo raises awareness in a concrete. Way of the interests of relationship marketing. Everything is done in this qualitative content to provide solutions and concrete examples adapted to the daily challenges of personas.