The examples of it companies that have invested time and money. To produce an impressive volume of content but. Which in the end have not brought concrete business results are numerous. The content did not attract, was not positioned .On the right keywords or not positioned at all. The levers put in place did not. Allow them to reach their buyer personas, they did not there was no conversion circuit, etc. Above all, you have to take a step back to define the action plan and the levers that will really bring results in relation to the business. The buyer personas and the company’s objectives.

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This audit must take into account the internal vision of the company (marketing department, sales, general Uruguay Phone Number List management, but also the project division, R&D, Services, etc.) and the external vision, i.e. both the perception of the market (Buyer Personas) and competitor positioning. Difficult to make a complete tour of the subject in a blog article! To address this theme in depth and to answer all your questions, we will be delighted to welcome you to our 2019 IMF workshop “Inbound marketing in B2B, it works from small business to large accounts: testimonials” ! You will discover concrete experience feedback from 2 software publishers in B2B.

This benchmark is essential for the success

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To meet us and discuss the day of the event, make an appointment with us via the B2B Meetings, when you register or visit us on the stand!Inbound Marketing? It’s time to get started! But first, it is IG Users essential to draw inspiration from the successful experiences of successful companies . This benchmark is essential for the success of your own strategy. Ubiflow and Digitaleo are among the examples to follow in Inbound Marketing. We tell you more! Targeting prospects thanks to business solutions and dedicated universes: the example of Ubiflow Ubiflow ‘s core business ? Propose solutions for the multi-distribution of real estate and automobile advertisements. The company now supports nearly 40,000 professionals.