Therefore, Improved internal processes (and fewer errors): this is where the automated processes portion of ai has impacted our firm. We have automated our proposal tracking, follow-up and reporting. Processes between our software used to generate proposals. Therefore, And our crm software. Additionally, we have implemented email marketing. Automation within our business development processes to send and personalize. Emails delivered, depending on the interactions by the recipient and the content. They view within our website. We have also been successful. In reducing staff time in campaign reporting, and have virtually. Eliminated errors in our client reports.

Through linking the various ad platforms we use monthly

Programmatic platforms and others), campaign data is shared directly with our reporting dashboard, providing real-time access to the data for our team and our clients. Combined, these have made our firm more responsive to our clients (building loyalty).

5. Chatbots: chatbots allow brands to have conversations and answer inquiries, even when the office is closed. Our use of this technology is buy phone lists fairly limited at this time. Therefore, but really, the opportunities are endless. Recently, I had a client testing this technology at live events to share updates and answer questions from attendees (e.G., where is the closest bathroom?). Facebook messenger has been testing and improving chatbots through its platform for a few years now and have gotten pretty good at carrying on a conversation without the challenges of 24/7 staffing.

I could keep going — there are many more potential applications for incorporating ai into your organization. Have you started testing any of these uses? What else have you tried that have been successful for your business.

I am lucky to talk to key executives from hundreds of companies each year

Therefore, Inevitably, the conversation typically rolls around to the effectiveness of digital marketing. The one common link in each of the IG Users conversations is understanding if their marketing is effective and interpreting what it means. In some cases, the organization has never received a report. In others, they get numbers but don’t know what they mean or how to decipher them.

Therefore, If you are paying someone (an individual or an agency) to execute. A digital marketing initiative, then you should expect to receive. Regular updates, reports on progress and interpretations of what the data is telling. You and what should — or should not — be done about it. If you are missing. This information, there are two possible solutions: meet with your provider and ask. For reporting data and recommendations to be delivered. Consistently, or find a new provider.

Understanding your campaign performance is critical in order to make decisions, allocate budgets and understand your customers and their needs. Let me explain in greater detail.