We will cover the topics of customer acquisition or loyalty, inbound marketing, conversation, social selling, chatbots, data, etc. Who are the headliners for this year? For this year, we will have 7 keynotes in the auditorium of the convent.which facilitates exchanges between the teams of the same agency. You have to know how to make choices to take the tools (such as an inbound marketing platform, a CRM, etc.) that best adapt to the functionalities that the client needs, their type and their budget. They must correspond to the needs , be easy to use and ergonomic for the teams. We must exploit trends , such as the podcast which is the “content” trend of the moment for Michel Brébion.

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It is a highly developed means of distribution in the United States which is very interesting because it requires Argentina Email List very limited technical means. It can be done remotely, it can be listened to in the car, and it’s easy to hand that content off to editors so they can write blog posts. You have to be accompanied by the right people and in particular by an expert agency in Inbound Marketing . Now that you have the key methods for a successful Inbound Marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get started! To go further, register for the next edition of Inbound Marketing France on January 29, 2019! For more than 5 years that I practice inbound marketing.

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I perceive the concern of the customers or prospects in the control of this new marketing approach… Some strive IG Users to see there only.An Inventory à la Prevert, time-consuming and costly with an accumulation of content. Forms, bait of all kinds, CTAs on all pages. I’m going on and on from the best while others limit their actions. To the creation of a site and ‘a blog with some shares on social networks. In fact, getting into inbound marketing simply requires setting objectives and making the following 4 cultures complementary: Difference, Customer-Obsession, Digital Strategy, Brand Content.