This is a leading company in debt collection. A marketing reflection workshop has “installed” the prospect in his physical reality: what does he do before proceeding to collection… He learns about the customer, monitors him and manages his account consequently: the company DORMANE has extended its offer to new services: commercial information, monitoring, management of customer accounts and, of course, debt collection. Take inspiration from this approach with the benefit: new customers and the loyalty of those already acquired. Customer obsession or how to manage your personas We recall.

An emotional and a rational point of view

The only boss is the customer. He can fire everyone, from the manager to the employee, by doing one simple thing: spend his money elsewhere. Mythical quote from Sam Walton, the boss Barbados Email List of Walmart. Today, you have all the digital and other tools to define a typology of personas from both an emotional and a rational point of view. A word of advice: focus on developing your “Customer Digital Journey”, that is to say follow the digital information path of your prospects. SZAPIRO ‘s pyramid of desires versus Maslow’s pyramid of needs : Desire precedes need… We are far from the thirty glorious years and the Kotlerian dictatorship of needs. They have been accepted for a long time… Hence the need for innovation.

The fixed place of work and the notion

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Based on this observation, I imagined 5 stages of desire in parallel with Maslow’s 5 stages of need . For me, the following IG Users desires express the consumer’s first movement towards such and such a product: desire for the unexpected, then desire for emotion, desire for sharing, desire for belonging, desire for self-esteem. The digital strategy or the inevitable revolution For me, the digital revolution is comparable to the industrial revolution of the end of the 19th century… Complete change of management, societal upheaval, new economic empires… Everything today contributes to changing the paradigm if not the world. No more pyramid management, the fixed place of work, and the notion of the boss by divine right. As Jeremy Rifkin so rightly says in his famous book.