Daily inbound marketing The difference: it’s not about being the best, it’s about being unique Basically, apart from the difference, there is no salvation. There is no need to always demand more from your employees: even more availability, always more decreasing costs, lower salaries… Results: internal discouragement, potential conflicts, exhausting search for maximizing profits… An exhausting shallot race. How to resolve this dilemma? Two methods: Positioning Mapping ( an approach that I initiated and that you will find in my book: ” Inbound Marketing on a daily basis “. This simple approach allows you to define your differentiating positioning – even better.

The IHFB according to the positioning

It invites you to find 4 positionings according to different emotional and rational axes  even if it means keeping only one Bahrain Email List as an umbrella brand. A convincing example: the IHFB or the Franco-British Hospital Institute. Anxious to differentiate themselves from other hospitals, he asked me not to focus solely on care (a recurring theme in all the other hospitals). After having put into perspective -according to the personas- the IHFB according to the positioning mapping -as part of a co-creation workshop-, I proposed a positioning that associated the notion of “care” close to the good- to be that of care, thus distinguishing itself from other surrounding truisms.

To find attractive offers in line with your vocation

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Consequence: the signature of the IHFB then read: IHFB:  Beyond caring, understanding you. The marketing IG Users of the offer: I still find the absence of a VIP ( Value Innovation Program ) committee in many companies surprising, whereas this organization should be a burning obligation for any company looking for new offers. One of my principles: the APA principle (before, during, after) leads you, without a doubt, to find attractive offers in line with your vocation. For what ? Quite simply because you just have to look for new services BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your primary service… and thus you broaden your offer without firing a shot. A meaningful example: the DORMANE company .