The first edition of IMF was a success. What do you remember? IMF has made a lot of noise on social networks. We retain a very strong enthusiasm around the event, we received a lot of positive messages on the progress of this edition. We recorded a total of 835 participants. Including a fine panel of speakers who agreed to come. Which is a fine performance for a first edition where it is difficult to be attractive. We also remember the enthusiasm of companies from all sectors. Around this dynamic but above all a lot of emotions on our side. Since we have given a lot for this event.

We will still be located

It’s a great team adventure, highlighting local know-how and speaking out at an international level. The Couvent des Angola Email List Jacobins has also contributed to giving a soul to IMF. imf19 The second edition is eagerly awaited. How will it unfold? For the second edition, we stayed on a similar timing: the event will take place on Tuesday, January 29, over one day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We can already say that IMF19 will be successful since each speech on social networks has a very strong audience. We will still be located at the Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes. We are expecting 1,200 participants among our target group.

A lot on the ease of access to Rennes and to the event

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Which are marketing directors, sales directors and business leaders, whether they are beginners or experienced, for the IG Users workshops that we are offering them. For this year, we are going to work a lot on the ease of access to Rennes and to the event. We are going to charter a dedicated wagon with the SNCF departing from Paris, working on car parks and arrivals by plane from Lyon, Strasbourg… Regarding the program, we are going to stick to the architecture put in place last year. We will have nearly 50 speakers for this day of discussions and conferences on inbound marketing.