With the social media boom , several companies began to have a presence on the networks , but often without strategy and consistency. This has led many of them to believe that digital marketing is not worth it. But will it be? For successful digital marketing, you need an accurate diagnosis, strategic planning and a well-crafted tactical plan to explore the best channels for YOUR type of business. In this article, inspired by our podcast episode on Marketing and Sales , we are going to talk about what happens behind the marketing and sales processes and how to get concrete results with this strategy. For digital marketing to perform well, full integration with sales is requir.

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Important to check if the conversion rate of the sales funnel is correct or below the indicated. Therefore, it is necessary that the numbers of these two areas are very tangible for everyone involved, so that it is possible to have a greater vision of what needs to be done in each of the stages of the sales process . Some examples of what should be shared between the two teams are the conversion rate at each stage of the CEO Email Lists sales funnel and the number of leads attracted at each stage of the marketing funnel . And how to know this? Well, in digital marketing and sales, the reverse funnel is our best friend. Reverse funnel in digital marketing: why is it crucial to get concrete results? The reverse funnel is a safer way to work with marketing and sales goals.

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Taking into account your context and your team. The logic behind this method is to understand what your demand generation .Needs are and how much effort you need to put into each stage of the funnel to reach your end of month sales goal. How the reverse funnel works To start, you EC Lists must identify the conversion rate for each stage of the funnel. Let’s say that, for the company to reach the expected revenue, it needs to make 10 sales in the month. With the reverse funnel, you do the reverse of the account. For example: with the objective of reaching 10 sales, you need 20 meetings. To have 20 meetings, you need to have 50 opportunities. Out of these 50 opportunities, you need to have 100 MQLs.