On Monday (01/08/2016) and Tuesday (02/08/2016), JMC IT Consultants had the opportunity to conduct SDP2D (Regional Development Planning Database System) training in West Sumatra Province. The training activities took place at Bappeda of West Sumatra Province from 8.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB.

On the first day, the event was filled with training for SKPD throughout West Sumatra which was attended by approximately 100 participants. Whereas on the second day there was training for all regencies and cities in West Sumatra (a total of 19 regencies and cities) which was attended by around 50 participants.

The event ran smoothly and was very enjoyable

On this occasion, JMC IT Consultant tri to Ivory-Coast Mobile Database implement training with a new, more fun method, so that it was hop that the training participants would not feel bor and would be more enthusiastic in listening SDP2D TRAINING to the material provid. One way to do this is by inserting ice-breaking and interesting games.


Even more interesting, after all this time, it was only in 2016 that the West Sumatra provincial government began integrating all existing data in every government element through SDP2D. This is a challenge for each SKPD in the West Sumatra provincial government to commit to providing centraliz, updat and accurate data. With the application of SDP2D, it is hop that later it will be able to provide convenience in accessing data, be more flexible and independent, and be able to monitor data content so that it is more measurable. JMC IT Consultant believes that now is the time to advance the nation through technology.

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