Product Mastery Unleashed

I leave you a graph with results obtained from Product Mastery. A client where organic traffic doubled in less than 3 months. But in addition to showing you the result, I will tell you how. I achieved it. This client contacted me because his organic traffic was plummeting. And he was very concerned since the majority of his income came through it. Something didn’t add up, since it was a website that had had a lot of traffic. The first thing I consulted was Google Search Console and I observed how from a specific point onwards, the website began to lose traffic.

SEO and had only Product Mastery focused on design

Once the date on which the graph began category email list to be lost was detected, my impression is that they had made changes to the website. I spoke with the client and indeed, he told me that on that date they had carried out a redesign and that they had changed the entire architecture of the website. He tells me that the designer did not know SEO and had only focused on design. Knowing this, he already had a starting point. The first thing was to see what the web was like before through I saw that they had even changed the menu.

Generated the most organic traffic were still

I performed an on-page SEO audit, fixed IG Users all the errors and improved the web architecture, since the first thing was to stop the decline in organic traffic and with these actions it was achieved. The next step was to check if the URLs that generated the most organic traffic were still resolving search intent. For this, the TF*IDF function of DinoRANK is key, since if the result told me that many of the keywords that are related to the keyword to be positioned were not in the URL, it means that it could have changed. The tool made it clear that the search intention had changed, Google now showed other types of information.

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